Guest Posts and Giveaway of “Bonnet Strings”

Lately I have been finding my way around the blog world, discovering many interesting new sites. And I have, as in the post with Amanda Luedeke on author platform, invited several people to write guest posts for me.

As I meet new bloggers and introduce myself, I am also being invited to write guest posts for others. I have written one for Joan Z. Rough, called "A Letter to My Mother: Posthumous Reconciliation? And a Book Giveaway." Next week Joan will be selecting a random name for a drawing for the giveaway of a copy of Bonnet Strings. So be sure to visit her blog and leave a comment for your name to be entered.

In case you haven't seen the trailer for Bonnet Strings, here it is. My gorgeous niece, Leanna Mast, is the model in the Amish dress. (She isn't actually Amish. Her parents left when she was three.) She did a beautiful job. I am so proud to be her aunt, not just because she was a good model, but also for being who she is.

Thank you, as always, for visiting. Stay tuned for more guest posts  both here and elsewhere.

Good luck in the drawing!

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2 thoughts on “Guest Posts and Giveaway of “Bonnet Strings””

  1. Gads. That is such a sad thing. “If you don’t have rules, how can you obey?”

    I don’t wish for the Amish to disappear, I cherish my upbringing in many ways. I only wish that they might gain insight and enlightenment. Believing and doing something only because that is how one was raised to believe and act is not enlightened in any sense. Whether or not they recognize it, FEAR is the motivation for many – most? – Amish.

    Thank you, Saloma.

    1. You must be quoting the Amish man in the film “The Amish: Shunned.” That statement stood out for me as well.

      As you know, Elva, the Amish mindset is very different. Remember how concerned people in the community were about what other people think? “Vas denke die andere Leit?” At least in my community this was the case.

      There are some very intelligent Amish people, and some even educate themselves through reading. But mostly the lack of an education beyond the eighth grade holds people back. I find that so sad.

      Fear is a powerful motivator in every culture, I think. The Amish just tend to be afraid of different things from those of us in the mainstream culture.

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