Questions Anyone?

I was scheduled for a Q&A at Goodreads this afternoon. I didn't realize until I submitted a comment, that there is quite a delay in the process. It takes a day for me to receive your comments, and another day or so before you get my answers. You are welcome to ask me questions there anytime and I will be happy to answer them. I have just posted answers to the questions I received from Goodreads.

I decided while I am at it, I will also offer a chance for you to ask me questions here on this blog. If you could indicate whether you have read Why I Left the Amish or Bonnet Strings, that will give me a chance to answer your questions accordingly. I will then blog posts in answer to your questions over the next while.

On this Sunday afternoon, I invite you to my blog home. It is a gorgeous day here in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts and all are welcome to the discussion… I'm looking forward to it!

Around the mountain, in South Deerfield, Massachusetts

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10 thoughts on “Questions Anyone?”

  1. Your post reminded me to check my library catalog- there’s finally a copy of “Bonnet Strings” in the Rhode Island library network! Looks like I’m first in line and I can’t wait to read it.

      1. I didn’t request its purchase, but it’s not the library in my town (all of the libraries in the state have reciprocal borrowing agreements and interlibrary delivery every business day). I just checked online and it’s on its way! If I hadn’t found it in the system I would have asked for it, though.

        1. Melanie, thank you for letting me know. I like to keep track of which libraries have it. Glad you would have asked, had it not been there in the first place. These are the small things that help out authors. Many thanks!

    1. Marge, thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the books. I don’t yet know what I will publish next. My current writing project may not be published.

      When I know what the next book will be and when it will be published, my blog readers will be the first to know!


  2. Wow, that’s a stunning picture of your blog home, Saloma.

    Looks like I missed the Goodreads conversation, but I do have a question for you. How do you know whether and when it is time to write a second memoir? I decided to take that question to my readers on my own blog today, and I’d love to know how you answered the question as a published author of two memoirs.

    1. Thank you, Shirley. David and I took that picture of the other side of Sugarloaf Mountain in autumn a few years ago.

      About knowing whether and when to write a sequel… I always did know I wanted to write a sequel to my first book. Originally I was planning on writing all of what is in the two books in one. But after hearing from enough people in the literary world, I realized I had to break it up in two. So for me it was never a question.

      I visited your blog, and I would concur with what Carol Bodensteiner wrote. If the inspiration for it is there, I think you should write it. If not, then go with what inspires you or gives you energy. The answer you is within you already.


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