When God Laughs

I often think of a saying I first heard from my friend, Monica Orr: "We make plans and God laughs." That is a very apt way of looking at our lives right now. David and I had planned to leave for Ohio this Friday, to attend my niece, Sarah Mast's, wedding. She is marrying her sweetheart, Tim Swanson. I was really looking forward to celebrating with them on their special day.

We had also made plans to visit friends and family for several days, and then we were going to travel to the Holmes County area. We had three book events scheduled there.

But it is not meant to be.

Friday was a typical day for David. He and his work partner, John, were near the end of their third home energy audit for the day. David had gone out to the van to fetch LED light bulbs. He was backing out of the van with box in hand, when he misstepped and fell, hitting his knee hard on the running board. He realized something wasn't right when his knee cap wasn't where it should be. He crawled up into the cab of the van and honked the horn to get John's attention.

David received a preliminary examination at the emergency room on Friday afternoon that showed he likely has a ruptured tendon that normally holds the kneecap in place and that it may require surgery to reattach it. They gave him a knee brace and a pair of crutches, which is how he has been getting around.

Right now we are waiting for the doctor to take a look at the ex-ray results and then hopefully David will get an appointment for a thorough examination and a plan for treatment.

So far David has not been in a lot of pain, which we are very grateful for. He has what he calls "discomfort." Since his kneecap is six inches higher than it should be, I am amazed he isn't in excruciating pain. He is doing things he hasn't had time for these past months, such as reading, sorting out the papers in his office, napping, and watching movies. So far he's not been unpleasant to be around. His biggest challenge is to accept help. Lifting his leg onto the couch or bed for him and fetching things on a different floor from the one he's on is about all he's allowed me to do so far.

We are open to the fact that God had other plans for us. No doubt we are meant to learn something from this experience. In time this will be revealed to us, of that I am certain.

We ask for your healing thoughts and prayers for a good recovery.


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21 thoughts on “When God Laughs”

  1. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery!! It is always tough to be laid up with an injury, but even more so when it is at the start of summer! Healing thoughts and prayers for you.

    1. Thank you, Christine, for your thoughts and prayers. You’re right, David had all kinds of things planned for the summer, most of which will not be happening.

      Blessings to you.

  2. My thoughts are with you both as well as prayers for as speedy a recovery as possible.

    Bummer, I would have loved to hear about the wedding and family reunion.

    1. Kris, I know. It is hard not being a part of the wedding and family gathering. I would have enjoyed sharing about it.

      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Many Blessings to you as well.

  3. Joan (another one)

    Oh, poor David! On the other hand, this would have been worse had it happened while you were traveling, having to deal with strange doctors and unfamiliar medical facilities while living out of a suitcase.

    Our brains are just not equipped to understand all the whys and wherefores of life’s reversals, are they? Most of the time we’re teaching and learning simultaneously, while not realizing that we’re doing either.

    1. Joan, I hadn’t thought of something like this happening while traveling, though I did fall on my face during a book tour once. I had to have stitches. It was all very dramatic. And yes, dealing with doctors out of state is a lot more cumbersome.

      I really like your perspective, both about the fact that our brains are not equipped to deal with life’s reversals, and also the idea that we are teaching and learning while not recognizing that we are doing either. That is very perceptive. Thank you for sharing this perspective.

  4. I’m wishing David a speedy recovery!
    What a disappointment for you that you should miss the wedding and that the other plans don’t continue.
    Blessings to you!

  5. I certainly hope David has a speedy recovery, and am glad to hear he’s able to describe what he’s experiencing as “discomfort”. I’m a classic redhead about pain–my reaction is nearly always “GIVE ME ALL THE GOOD DRUGS PLEASE AND THANK YOU”. :) I’m very sorry this threw a wrench in your plans, but perhaps this will allow for a later visit at a more relaxed time for the newlyweds, when you’ll be able to spend more time with the couple? Just trying to find the bright side.

    Thoughts and prayers are certainly with you.

    1. Emily, thank you for your perspective. I don’t like pain, but I also don’t like the effects of drugs. So I am more of a wimp than you are… lol.

      I believe everything happens for a reason. We don’t yet know what the reason is, but eventually it will be revealed to us… I’m fairly certain of that.

      Thank you kindly for your thoughts and prayers.

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  7. Saloma he does laugh at us but he knows it all works out in the end. The hard part is staying positive. It is a challenge

    1. That is the joke… God usually has a plan for us that we haven’t even thought of. David has been very positive so far. I think he is feeling a bit of trepidation about his surgery tomorrow, but who wouldn’t?

      Thank you for your thoughts, Steve.

  8. We wish David a speedy recovery and a great day today. ;-)
    Glad to see that he still smiles. I can see he is in good hands with you taking care of him.

    1. Thank you, Miriam. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated, especially for today. I may not be the best nurse, but I love him, and I hope that accounts for something. David has been remarkably pleasant through this whole thing.

  9. I know this post is a couple weeks old, but wanted to let you know I sent David a birthday note. Of course, hearing about his knee injury really brought out the empathy in me, having previously suffered from a devastating ankle break that took a year to fully heal. I hope you are both keeping up okay, accepting help when you can get it, and that David is healing on schedule. I’m so sorry you missed your niece’s wedding and the book engagements in Holmes.

    1. Monica, thank you so much for your birthday note to David, and for your empathy. It’s been a long three weeks since his accident. Now he has a blood clot, so he’s on blood thinner. That requires many medical appointments because it needs monitoring. We’ve had help offered to us from kind people, and believe me, we have received it with gratitude.

      I cannot help but believe there is a reason for why this happened. There is a silver lining in every cloud if we are open to seeing/finding them.

      David’s leg is healing. The blood clot was hurting him more than the post-op knee.

      I’m so sorry you had to go through the pain your injury caused. A year is a long time to start feeling better. I’m glad it’s all over now.

      I love your latest blog post… good for you!

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