Travels to Cape Cod

Last week, David and I traveled to Cape Cod to visit friends for several days. They are well-traveled and generously showed us around to sights we'd never seen before and to restaurants where we ate delectable meals. We had a great time eating fresh seafood, swimming in the ocean, swimming in Long Pond, watching birds, and climbing a tower to see the sunset over the bay.

My absolute favorite activity was watching the seals in the harbor in Chatham. They follow the fishing boats in because the fishermen will throw their scraps overboard. The seals seem to know when they are being watched, and they put on a real show for people. David and I found their antics very entertaining. Here are some of the scenes:


Photo by Saloma Furlong: Seals playing in Chatham Harbor

This video shows a few in action:

And here is a struggle for a fish between a seal and a bunch of seagulls:

There have been quite a few sharks reported around Cape Cod recently, which means that the seals have predators that can be seen up close and personal. Here is a link to a video showing a seal getting away from a great white shark.

I found I was more comfortable swimming in the nearby lake, rather than in the ocean. Not only do I like to keep my distance from sharks, but I also don't like the sticky feel that salt water leaves on one's skin. So I found swimming in Long Pond very refreshing.

The evening we climbed the Scargo Tower in Dennis, the sunset was gorgeous. Below is a photo that shows an image of it, but being there was much more awesome. I love a beautiful sunset! It's like getting a glimpse into a world beyond the one we know.

Photo by Saloma Furlong: Sunset from Scargo Tower in Dennis, Massachusetts

Our few days away, gave David and me a chance to reflect on our lives in a new way, as traveling normally does. We also enjoyed returning home. Sometimes I agree with Dorothy… "there is no place like home."

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9 thoughts on “Travels to Cape Cod”

  1. What a beautiful sunset!!! I’m with you, it is like getting a glimpse of whats beyond us. Kind of puts things into perspective. Whats important and whats not. Getting away from our every day life, especially with someone we love, like our husbands, refreshes the soul and looking at a sunset like that sure helps it happen.
    Thanks for sharing with us Saloma!!!!

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