David, Bernie, and The Donald

Bernie and David

David Furlong with Bernie Sanders

This summer when David was still recovering from his knee injury, we were driving down 116 when I asked David to write a guest post for my blog. It was soon after Bernie Sanders had entered the race for the president. And that’s when I was hit by the idea of David writing about his experiences with Bernie Sanders. Right behind that idea came another one… that his encounter with Donald Trump would also be relevant. Buoyed by these ideas, we rode on air the rest of our trip to the bank and the grocery store.

It didn’t take long for David to write the story. And it didn’t take long for me to edit it. But now we realized that David needed a bigger audience than my blog for his story.  Finding that audience took a lot longer than conceiving or writing the piece. David tried all kinds of national papers with a political bent. None of them responded. So finally he sent it to our local paper, the Daily Hampshire Gazette, and the editor there was immediately interested. He scheduled it to be published as a feature item on February 3. We just discovered that it’s gone live online tonight.

Several photos are included in the feature. We could kick ourselves now that David and his brother sold the tower before having it professionally photographed. We only have a grainy shot taken with an old Polaroid camera.

We hope you will enjoy reading why David believes that Bernie Trumps The Donald.


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12 thoughts on “David, Bernie, and The Donald”

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  2. First of all, David, you did a great job on this article, it held my attention from beginning to end. Second, shame on the national papers for not jumping on this and my hats off to the Daily Hampshire Gazette for doing so. We as the public need more stories like this. It humanizes the candidates, makes them more real and certainly gives us food for thought when deciding who we are going to vote for come election day. Thanks David!!!!

    1. Thank you, Pamela, for your support. I’m also happy the Gazette printed it… this was a nice spread in the print paper.

      I agree, I think humanizing the candidates is important.


  3. Johanna Halbeisen

    I saw David’s article in the Gazette this morning and cheered! I agree, we need more stories personal stories like this about the candidates.

    1. Hi Tom. You make a good point.

      I just found this comment in the “approve” list that I had missed. Not sure why it was there… you have commented many times without a problem. Sorry about that.

    1. Thank you, Shirley, for your wonderful comment at the site of the article and for sharing it. He had quite a few shares, but alas, it did not go viral.

      This story was too good not to share. So glad you liked it.

  4. That was a very interesting article and loved the pictures, but then I am a sucker for History.. no matter who is sharing it.

    How neat to have had a moment with either of them two people who are making big headlines today.. I believe there are reasons why we cross paths with different kinds of folks, they teach us something no matter what.

  5. Hi Saloma! I read your blog post and am glad for the link to David’s story in the Gazette. Thanks for sharing! It took your friend Tom’s comment “Anyone trumps Trump!” for me to catch the pun, though. LOL! David, thanks for telling your story! I miss you both, haven’t seen you in awhile. Take care and God bless!

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