Our Attic Space Before and During Renovation

I still have not found the time to do a longer post. I really will… I promise. As per CJ’s request, I thought I would send you before, during, and after renovation shots of our attic.

First there was the bare attic:




Then came the messy insulation that made the attic look like a cave:



And then came the insulation on top of that insulation:


There were many more steps in between this and what we have now. Here is what it looks like today:


While I am at it, here is what the room that has become our guest bedroom looked like when we bought the house:


And here is what it looks like today:



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12 thoughts on “Our Attic Space Before and During Renovation”

  1. Elva Bontrager

    I love attics! A sweet memory I have is when the brother just older than myself and I decided to clean up the attic which was full of old accumulations from previous homeowners so that we could make it a playroom for the foster kids that our mother and I cared for.

    We spent all afternoon on our knees and elbows reading a stack of GRIT Magazines!

    1. Elva, what a great memory! I suppose we kind of messed up that kind of a fun attic, haven’t we? Though behind our knee walls are still dark little alleyways where children could play.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I love the one with insulation on top of insulation. It should be warm up there, perfect for some sneaky Pokemon. :-)

  3. pamela lakits

    So glad you took pictures. You don’t realize the work that goes into a room makeover until you see the before pictures!!! Paul has redone every room in our house and I wish I had taken pictures of the process, because as you have shown us, it truly is a lot of dirt and mess along with work. You and David had a big task before you and it turned out great. Congrats!!

  4. Michele Larson

    Hi Saloma,

    Is the picture over the bed in the guest bedroom of a sugarhouse? It looks like a Fred Swan (from Barre VT) print but I don’t recognize it as one of his. Beautiful work David did. You are blessed to be married to such a talented man.

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