Our Attic Space

I am aware that it’s been almost a month since I posted. My life has gone into nuts mode, but I promise to be back soon. I will be posting a book review in the coming week.

I recently prepared our attic for a guest to stay in. I took some photos that I will share. The fan is a way of cooling down that space, given it is pretty hot and humid here in the Pioneer Valley right now.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and I look forward to being in touch.


Notice the window trim has been completed. David and I did that this spring.


This is the only television we have in the house. It’s a nice space to watch movies.

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12 thoughts on “Our Attic Space”

  1. Looks lovely. I so love the natural wood in your house. David appears to be a fine craftsman. Do you see any plans for travel to Washington State?

    1. Hello Melody, it’s nice to hear from you. Thank you for your compliments. Yes, David is a wonderful craftsman.

      We don’t have any plans for a trip west in the near future, but it is on our bucket list.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. What a cozy little corner with a mixture of both Amish and “English”. Well, to me the braided rug is Amish and so is the blue curtain made Amish style.

    1. Thank you, Katie. The blue rug is indeed an Amish rug (made by Mem), and the brown one is an ex-Amish rug (made by me). Yes, the curtain is covering the hole in the wall where there is storage. Very Amish-style. It’s even on a string, just like Mem used to hang the curtains.

      Always so good to hear from you, Katie. I hope you are enjoying your summer.

  3. pamela lakits

    Really nice Saloma and very inviting. Beautiful in it’s simplicity.
    I’m sure any guest would find it peaceful and relaxing!!!! I know I would. Looking forward to the book review.

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