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David and I are enjoying living in the country. Our son, Paul, traveled from Vermont to celebrate our new home and our birthdays with us. It was the first time he came to see us in Virginia. We so enjoyed his visit. He was a tremendous help with the preparations and cleanup for the housewarming party we had, and we enjoyed traveling around the area with him to see the scenery. Paul is a traveler at heart, and is always ready to explore the sights wherever he is.

Our son, Paul, and Ann Yoder. She and her husband, Paul, owned the condo where we lived in Harrisonburg. They have become our guardian angels as we familiarize ourselves with the area.

About twenty-five people from our community here in Virginia came to the party.

Friends in our living room


And in the dining room

Our friends sang hymns to help celebrate our new home. We felt truly blessed as they raised their voice and sang so beautifully, “How Can I Keep from Singing?”, “Be Thou My Vision”, “Simple Gifts”, and other hymns. And then of course, it was appropriate to sing “Country Roads” since we live a few miles from the Shenandoah River and in the heart of the sense of place that the song evokes.

We’ve set up our guest bedroom, and offered it, along with the private bathroom on Airbnb. So far we’ve not gotten any bookings, but we hope to soon.

Guest Bedroom

We’ve painted both our bathrooms, so that completes the painting of our rooms.

Guest Bathroom


Master Bathroom

I have crocheted a rug for the guest bathroom.

Oval crocheted rug

I’ve also crocheted a round and an oval rug for the master bathroom.

Round and oval crocheted rugs

I so love the scenery from my bathroom window. When I stand at the sink and look in the mirror, this is what I see:

Country living

David has erected both a clothesline and a bird feeder in the backyard. We so enjoy watching the birds. I’m still Amish at heart, because I love hanging out clothes to dry. Even better is bringing the fresh-smelling clothes or sheets in from the outdoors.

We have seen more than a few storms rolling in. In fact, there is rolling thunder now, and the first flashes of lightening. Here is what the clouds looked like one day, just minutes before a downpour:

Oncoming storm

David and I travel around the area as often as we can. There are just so many beautiful places to visit in the Shenandoah Valley. We feel fortunate to be living in this beautiful part of the country.

Thirty-two years ago today we welcomed our new son, Tim, into this world. I’m thinking of him on his birthday and I wish him well. I would write a lot more about him here, except that he has asked me not to make him a subject of my blog. Suffice it to say I thought about the day he came into this world as I awoke this morning.

To all of you out there: Stay cool, enjoy the Fourth of July celebrations and fireworks!

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26 thoughts on “Country Living”

  1. Always enjoy reading your blog.
    Your new home (& area) is beautiful! So nice that your one son has come to visit. I am happy, that you are all settled in and happy in your new home/new area. It is hard sometimes to relocate, but always easier when you like where you are!
    We moved a lot for my husband’s job, many years ago, living so many different places, in Oregon. It always helped settle in, when we loved the area.
    Our last move was over 40 years ago now, and I can truthfully say that I love living here more than anywhere we have ever lived, or traveled. It will be so difficult when the time comes that we can no longer stay here “on our mini farm”. Blessings to you, Saloma.

  2. Michele Larson

    I love the pictures of your new home. It and the area are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Your guest bedroom looks so inviting and such pretty furniture. Bob’s grandmother used to make rugs that looked similar to yours out of strips of old clothing. She wasted nothing.
    God bless you!
    PS Still looking forward to your next book.

    1. Michele, thank you for your comments. My mother always used old clothing. I’m going to thrift stores and finding materials and sheets to make the rugs. I’m going to try my hand at selling them.

      Thanks for the compliment on the furniture. That furniture looked old and junky until David and I undertook the job of refinishing it whilst we were still living at the condo in Harrisonburg. It hardly looks like the same furniture that David inherited. He remembers this furniture even when he was a little boy. It’s solid maple made in Vermont many years ago, so it was worth refinishing. We have a bureau in another room that belongs to the set.

      Thank you for reminding me that I need to get back to writing. I’m thinking a lot about it, but so far I’ve not gotten back to it. I will soon… at least that is what I’m promising myself.

      Blessings to you, Michele.

  3. Pamela lakits

    Looking at your photo’s brings peace to my heart. There is something in the openness of the area you have settled in and the beautiful simplicity of the decor that speaks to my soul. It all makes me want to stop and rest a while. I’m so glad you have made so many friends already, many I’m sure through your church. How wonderful to have them sing for you. What a special gift. I know this is a common thing among the Amish so I’m sure it brings back many memories for you Saloma.
    Glad your son was able to come celebrate with you. I’m with you about hanging your clothes outside, I do the same. Believe it or not there are communities around me who do not allow you to hang clothing outside to dry, they see it as an eye soar, isn’t that sad. A home is not complete in my eye with out at least one bird feeder hanging. All should be welcome, including the birds!! You and David have been truly blessed to have such a wonderful forever home. I’m sure it will also be a blessing to all who enter it.

    1. Thank you, Pamela, for your kind words. We do love our open view of the farmland above us, our neighborhood, and the nature surrounding us. This morning David saw two Sandhill Cranes walking through the backyard. We see deer across the fields almost every day. There are so many birds to discover in our new habitat. Yes, we’re quite happy.

      I sure do hope you come and rest here awhile. We live closer than we ever have before, you know.

      Yes, group singing does take me back to my Amish world. It was a wonderful blessing to have people sing here at the party.

      We have our first Airbnb guests arriving tomorrow. We’re excited!

      About the clothesline… there are communities around here that have rules against having one also. Those are the kinds of rules that need to be broken. People are worried about global warming, and yet they make rules like that? There is something wrong with that way of thinking. Funny thing is, this is probably one of the reasons people are drawn to Amish communities… they love seeing the clothes flapping in the breezes. It symbolizes a more agrarian lifestyle. I know I’m preaching to the choir here. This happens to be something I’m passionate about.

      Thanks for stopping by, and God bless you, Pamela.

  4. I was in wait to read your new blog.Between your last two blog posts I checked at least 3-4 times to see the new blog in last 2-3 weeks :). I love reading the way you represent things around us. Hope we will visit Shenandoah soon and will meet you. Good wishes for your country living and stay happy and healthy.

  5. Your home is beautiful! Thank you for the photos. Would you share the rug pattern or the name of the rug so I google the pattern? Thank you in advance. Blessings, Dana

    1. Hello Dana,

      Thank you for the compliments. I wish I could share the rug patterns, but I made them up as I went. In fact, I wasn’t happy with the first one I made for the guest bath, so I undid it and started over. Do you crochet? There are lots of how-to videos on You Tube that can help one get ideas for putting together colors. I have to trust my instincts and with a little practice, I’ve become more satisfied with my choices.

      Feel free to email me if you want to discuss rug making:

      1. Thank you for the info! Yes, I knit and crochet, so I will search the internet. Thank you for replying to me. ? Dana

  6. I’m so glad you have found the perfect community for this phase of your life and the right people to share it with. In that way, you have truly come home!

  7. Denise Ann Shea

    What a gathering! It’s so nice that you found a wonderful community. I love the rugs–my mom used to braid/crochet rugs when I was little. They bring back many memories.

    1. Denise, thank you for your comments. I’m trying to keep the rug-making traditions alive. I’m not the only one in this valley. One of my friends is in her nineties and she still braids rugs.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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