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My dear blog readers, I have not forgotten you. My life has been full to overflowing. Let me count the ways.

We’re going through lots of transitions at work as the church begins to gather in the sanctuary for worship. What makes that more difficult is that the senior pastor is on a three-month sabbatical, so decisions about protocols and how to open, but not too fast, have to be made by others in the church. There was a recent transition in the office in the position of Bookkeeper and Data Manager, so I also have a new colleague. Therefore, there are a lot of moving parts to my job at this time. I also put together a new directory recently. I’m glad to have that project behind me.

As we start getting glimpses of life on the other side of the pandemic, we are getting together with vaccinated friends over dinners. Oh, what a joy! If there is something I learned over the past year is that people need people. We were not made to be islands unto ourselves. Now it just feels so “normal” to have couples or families over for meals (and playing games), and yet I never, ever want to take such a thing for granted again. The pandemic has made me aware of the need to always be grateful for this joyful gift.

David has been doing lots of gardening. We have 14 different fresh herbs to choose from when we season our suppers. We’ve harvested asparagus, onions, shallots, sugar snap peas, lettuce, swiss chard, and a few tomatoes and green beans. We’re close to havesting cucumbers, peppers, and potatoes, with squash, cantaloupe, and Jerusalam artichokes well on their way. We’ve had several pickings of black raspberries, and the blueberries, elderberries, nanking cherries, and ground cherries are coming soon.

We have had the joy over the past months of adopting two grandchildren. We’ve gotten to know a young family in our community who were looking for “local grandparents” and we happened to be looking to “adopt” grandchildren. We have the joy of loving Emma and Peter and their three-year-old and their now nine-month-old. I want to get permission from the parents before I post photos of the children. Adopting them has been such a blessing. The three-year-old calls me “Nana-Loma” and he came up with a name for David all on his own: “Papa-David.”

And then there is my writing… all on the back burner right now. That is a story in itself, which I will write about in a later post.

I will sign off for this time, and I certainly hope to be back soon. As I leave you, I’ll give you a glimpse of our little corner of the world — this is part of our backyard right now, just after a refreshing rain.

Photo by Saloma Furlong


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