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Promoting Safety for Horse and Buggy Travelers
Today I discovered another report about the new law in Ohio that requires all buggies to have yellow blinking lights and how some of the Amish men are non-compliant. Most...
How Prevalent is Sexual Abuse Among the Amish?
The question in my title today has been asked of me ever since I published my first book, Why I Left the Amish. Because my story was one of the first to expose both sexual...
Online Speaking Engagement at the Asheville Wisdom Exchange
This is a reminder about my speaking engagement via Zoom tomorrow (September 7) at 7PM.  I will be in conversation via Zoom at the Asheville Wisdom Exchange. To participate,...
Amish Customs: Courtship Practices
When I was young, bed courtship was practiced in my community. This meant that a young man would ask a young woman for a date, drive her to her home, put up his horse, and...
My Speaking Schedule
Today I interrupt my Amish Customs series to announce my speaking schedule. I’ve posted the schedule on my website on the landing page for Liberating Lomie, but I wanted...
Leanna Kopp
Amish Customs: Women's Head Coverings
Kopp or Bonnet, What’s the Difference?   My niece, Leanna Mast Berry, is the model for both the kopp above and the bonnet. These are in the style of the Geauga County,...
Amish Customs: Transportation - Go by Car or by Horse and Buggy?
Mem slapped the reins, urging Don into a slow trot. The flaps on my bonnet blew gently in the breeze and the steel-rimmed buggy wheels crunched on the gravel. I looked out...
Amish Customs: A Prejudice Against Pride
Last week Jim Potter wrote: “My question for you is about pride, specifically, Amish pride. I’ve heard that to the Amish, showing pride is a bad thing. Is that true?”...
Amish Customs: Naming Practices
First an announcement. I have finally been able to upload the print book to Amazon. It’s been a weeks-long process to get everything right. I had one problem after another....
Book Launch and First Blog Review of Liberating Lomie
In her third memoir, Liberating Lomie, Furlong revisits her childhood memories from the vantage of a mother-daughter relationship. And that bond, like Amish culture, is complicated....
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Photo by Saloma Miller Furlong, Castle Thun, Switzerland where Anabaptists (ancestors to the Amish) were imprisoned and tortured.

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