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Amazon's Print Book Price Increase
Each time I log into my email account and find a book order, I feel gratified. With all the other books out on the market, I am grateful that someone will go to the effort...
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New Posts on About Amish and Beyond
I have published two new posts at About Amish and Beyond: A Soul-Nurturing Experience and Nostalgia in Amish Country. If you would like to receive email notifications when...
Hello Again to About Amish and Beyond
My experiments with Blogger and Substack are coming to an end. Neither was a good experience for either you or me, and the latter functioned more like social media, which...
Another Bend in the Road
I thought I was going to move on after my most recent post to publish future blog posts at Blogger. But then I discovered that Blogger doesn’t notify readers when a...
Saying Goodbye to one Blog and Hello to Another
“Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.” ~ Garrison Keillor I’ve heard from many of you who are not receiving my email notifications even though you...
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Voices of Hope Conference in Berlin Ohio
In my last post I mentioned that there is a network of advocates who are supporting those who have emerged from Plain communities, and how I hope to join in their efforts....
Finding Inspiration and Life Meaning
So much has happened since my last post, back in early November. I’ll give a brief synopsis of some of these events, and then share my thoughts on the future of this...
Promoting Safety for Horse and Buggy Travelers
Today I discovered another report about the new law in Ohio that requires all buggies to have yellow blinking lights and how some of the Amish men are non-compliant. Most...
How Prevalent is Sexual Abuse Among the Amish?
The question in my title today has been asked of me ever since I published my first book, Why I Left the Amish. Because my story was one of the first to expose both sexual...
Online Speaking Engagement at the Asheville Wisdom Exchange
This is a reminder about my speaking engagement via Zoom tomorrow (September 7) at 7PM.  I will be in conversation via Zoom at the Asheville Wisdom Exchange. To participate,...
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Photo by Saloma Miller Furlong, Castle Thun, Switzerland where Anabaptists (ancestors to the Amish) were imprisoned and tortured.

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