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Happy Spring!

Spring has finally arrived here in the Pioneer Valley. Hooray! I"ve begun my spring yard work — trimming bushes and picking up branches that came off our birch tree during the windy winter. The next step is raking, but it's far too windy for that today. So, I sit here with my window open, breathing in deep breaths of fresh …

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Swinging into Spring

With weather predictions of temperatures in the 40s (at least while the sun shines) this week, it looks like we will finally get a break from the winter weather. And today is the beginning of an extra hour of light at the end of the day, so that will help with lengthening the daytime hours. The Amish call this "fast" …

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Amish Winter Breakfasts

Back on the farmette where I grew up, we used to have hearty breakfasts, especially on wintery mornings. Mem used to get up early in the mornings to get the fires burning, so that when everyone else got up, the house was warm. And that was important because those of us who slept upstairs slept without any heat and  our …

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