Life Reflections

View of Lake Champlain: Photo by Saloma Furlong Yesterday David and I signed the Purchase and Sale agreement on our home. When we first signed the offer on our house, we were thinking it would take us a few weeks to find a place to live… it ended up taking less than 24 hours. What a relief! We’ll be moving …

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Another Soul-Restoring Trip to Vermont

I finally submitted my Fulbright application. It has been an intense, yet very rewarding process. Everyone who applies for a Fulbright Scholarship grant needs to find at least one affiliate researcher who agrees to oversee the candidate's project. I am fortunate to have not one, but four professors who have offered to support and oversee my research in Germany. They …

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In the Dreab Midwinter…

Every year I experience this low energy feeling after Christmas is past. Sometimes I can dispell the feeling until after the New Year. It's usually around the time that the Christmas tree stops drinking water and starts looking bedraggled. Then I know it's time to take it down. We cut ours early this year, and now it already looks like …

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A Treasure Trove

It is a gorgeous, sunny day. I'm looking down into the village, enjoying the beauty of a small town on a winter's day. Each house has at least one chimney, with white smoke curling out and above the white peaked roofs. It curls out in thick streams, then the stream widens as the smoke thins out, before it finally disappears …

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