Last Call for Entries for the Drawing for a Free Copy of “Why I Left the Amish”

Tomorrow I will be naming the winner of the drawing for a free copy of “Why I Left the Amish.” If you haven’t entered, here is one more chance! To do so, please create a link to my blog and/or website, and then come back and specify that you want to be in the drawing, letting me know where the link is that you’ve created. Please also share your favorite Christmas or holiday tradition. 

To those who already left comments on my last post, I left a comment to you, but I am posting it here again:

Hello All,

I was writing and sending a personal response to each and every one of you… I was almost done, and then I discovered that I cannot actually send you an email directly… I hadn’t noticed that when I hit the “reply” button, it reads out the name of the person and then “No-reply” blah, blah, blah. Nowhere along the way was I getting a prompt that let me know these emails were not actually making it to the person I was sending it to…. how silly is that, when it’s all within the google/blogger system… you’d think they would create a prompt.

Anyhow, now I’ve just spent all that time for nothing. So I will write to everyone all at once instead… so sorry!

First of all, thank you for your comments… I love some of the traditions. Some were new to me, such as the magical one in the mountains of Colorado and spreading the oatmeal for the reindeer. I’ll be sharing my favorite tradition in my post today.

Thank you also for your compliments. Candace, it is my pleasure to share of my past and my life when I have dedicated readers who read back posts… thank you so much for your interest. 

Some of you indicated that you would like to have your name entered into the drawing and let me know where I will find the link you created — thank you very much. For those who did not specify, will you send me an email, letting me know for sure, and include the link you created? My email address is salomafurlong(at)gmail(dot)com. And sorry, I cannot enter “Anonymous” without a name, because there are several of you.

Tomorrow I will enter the names into a bowl and have David pick the name. I will announce the winner in late afternoon/evening.

Merry Christmas to everyone! 

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1 thought on “Last Call for Entries for the Drawing for a Free Copy of “Why I Left the Amish””

  1. Hi Saloma! I hope I’m not too late :-) We have had many traditions over the years that had to be abandoned here and there as the boys grew up and had families of their own, but one silly tradition has remained: My husband falls asleep and takes a nap as I trim the tree and when he wakes up, it’s all done :-) It fascinates him that I can do that quickly as it’s a pretty big tree! LOL!! We try to gather our extended family together for at least one meal over the holidays … not always Christmas Day but this is getting harder and harder as well. I am linking to your blog by way of mine. Merry Christmas and thank you for offering your books to your readers!

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