Closing the Door

Anonymous wrote: 

What are some of the “secrets” the Amish keep from outsiders?

Does the “Pow Wow” type of healing really work? How did it get started? Has it ever been done on/to you?

What are some of the confessions you heard made by other Amish in church? Were any of them strange?
Who confessed more men or women?

I don’t mean to be to nosey but … you opened the door.

Thank you! I love it! It’s like the Amish believe it or not! lol
Anonymous, in all of the things I have discussed on my blog and in my book, there has always been a purpose or a context for it — I don’t just expose the Amish “secrets” for the sake of it, but rather it needs to be central to either my story or the story of the Amish life in general. I have an aversion for violating people’s privacy for no reason. 

Perhaps I did open the door — now I am going to close it — firmly. And I’m pulling the shade. 
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5 thoughts on “Closing the Door”

  1. Good for you Saloma! Respect is a biggie with me and you handled all the questions with respect to your present and past and I commend you for that. Blessings, Joanne

  2. I understand all the curiousity of the questions but my first thought when I started to read it was ‘if I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret’. LOL

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