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It turns out quitting Facebook is not so easy. First step was figuring out how to leave it. After searching around in Facebook itself, I finally gave up and "googled" it. I used these instructions, which were very helpful. So I finally got to the part of deleting it, and the wording was very effective in making me feel like I am doing something I will regret. But I pushed on. I had to remind myself of why I'm doing it… for more peace of mind. I dared to push the button that would "permanently delete" my account. Or so I thought. I got an email instantly that informed me that my account is scheduled to be deleted in fourteen days. In the meantime, if I decide to change my mind, I can go back and cancel the deletion. So just when I thought I was done with Facebook, I can think again. 

It's not like I'm considering something drastic, for crying out loud. I get it that when people file for divorce, they need to be separated for a period of time, to reconsider. After all, a divorce means that a family is being broken up. That's a serious decision. But goodness gracious, this is just Facebook I'm quitting. Once I've made that decision, why not let me do it… once and for all? 

Okay, rant over and done. Now for the things I am grateful for. I'm enjoying the weather here in the Pioneer Valley, which has become just exquisite: perfect temperatures, breezy and sunny with puffy, cotton clouds casting their shadows across the mountains. There are flowers blooming and the trees are getting their early summer leaves. The dogwoods are blooming — they are my favorite flower on earth.

I appreciate this glorious weather all the more because of the long, hard winter we've just endured. It's like that with so many things in my life… that which I have struggled for I feel the deepest gratitude for.

David and I will be on the road again. Our book tour schedule has become pretty tight in the next few weeks. You can see our whole schedule on the events page of my website. If we are going to be anywhere near you, I hope you will come see us. And please bring your friends… the more the merrier. 

David and I will also be visiting several of our siblings and friends along the way. We hope to see you during our trip.

In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying Spring wherever you may be. 


Last year at this time, with my friend, Candelin Wahl

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14 thoughts on “Life Beyond Facebook”

  1. Thought maybe you would be in the southwest , maybe next time around. I enjoyed your books so very much. Waiting for the next one! LOL


    1. David and I definitely do want to make it to the Southwest. We have no plans for it yet, but if enough opportunities arise, we’ll certainly travel there. 

      So glad you’ve enjoyed my books. It is gratifying to hear from readers who are looking for more… many thanks!

  2. The two week delay of being taken off a cyber list has happened to me, as well. Mine was an online catalogue. The stuff was so ridiculously priced I just couldn’t stand it. To think there are people that pay such outrageous prices for trivial items when there are so many starving and exploited children in the world! Stuff like this really gets to me.
    Your stomping grounds sound spectacular. I wish I could see mountains daily. What a treat that would be. There is so much of the United States I would love to see but haven’t yet. Well, in time.
    A few years back I lived in an apt. that had the most beautiful white flowering tree right by the balcony. I would sit out there and trace the delicate lacey petals with my eyes. I can’t tell you how many times I thanked God for that tree. What a gift it was.

    1. Fran, I know what you mean about the outrageous prices on trivial items. And so much if it gets shoved down our throats on a regular basis. 

      I love seeing mountains daily. We live right under one, and next to the Connecticut River. I love your description of the gifting tree. And most profound about it is your appreciation of it. Many would have lived by that tree and taken it for granted. We have a birch tree like that, tall and beautiful. When I’m ironing inside my bay window in my bedroom, I feel as though I’m in a tree house… up there with the birds. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for these things and not take them for granted.

      Thank you for stopping by, Fran.

    1. Iliana, it is SO great to ‘see’ you here! Thank you for your good wiishes. I miss you too. I’ll definitely come north sometime upon my return, even though your Scrabble skills have become scawy! Miss you too, Iliana. 

      Enjoy Spring in gorgeous Vermont!

  3. Dear Saloma,

    May you have a safe journey and a blessed time travelling. Thank you for your email address, I will contact you soon.

    Have a wonderful Sunday,


    1. Thank you, Miriam, for your good wishes. I received your wonderfully warm email, and I will respond in kind when I return home and can give it my full attention.

      Have a wonderful week.

  4. I’ve never tried to quit Facebook, but I can imagine some people have used it for lots of pictures and would lose them instantly if they did not change their mind or should someone compromise their FB account and delete it without their knowledge – same problem, but that is not the case for you and now you are FREE and WE still get to enjoy your posts!

    Have a wonderful tour this summer and we’ll be keeping track of you!

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