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When Amish become Martyrs

I felt compelled recently to writing an article about an issue that has arisen between a local law in Auburn, Kentucky and a group of Swartzentruber Amish. Two Amish men Amos Mast, and his son, have been arrested for not placing collection devices on their horses. They have refused to pay the fine, and now they are headed for jail. There is a new report of a woman who was cited in Auburn for the same reason. It will be interesting to find out if she will also go to jail rather than pay the fine.

Here is an excerpt of the article:

This issue is not a new one and it concerns everyone who lives around the Amish. A Google search turned up newspaper reports about communities in Loyal, Wisconsin; Brown City, Michigan; Huevelton and Gouverneur, New York; and Negley, Ohio, In 2006, there was a mystery concerning horse manure that brings comic relief to this issue in my home community of Middlefield, Ohio.

You can read more by clicking over to the News Democrat Leader. I would love comments and questions from those who don't agree with what I have to say as well as those who do.

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