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Sexual Abuse Case in Southern Minnesota

There is a story in the Southern Minnesota News about another case of sexual abuse in an Amish community. I have heard through a network of other advocates that the survivor of this abuse is looking for support in court tomorrow. Below is the call for help:

URGENT HELP NEEDED: A survivor of felony rape needs your support in court tomorrow. The perpetrator is Chriss C. Stutzman, an Amish deacon in Fillmore County Minnesota. Many Amish community members will be coming to court to support the perpetrator and intimidate the victim and her family.  Please show up to stand with the survivor at the sentencing on Monday, September 9 in Preston, MN. If you can help, please contact Barbra Graber, SNAP Mennonite, 540-214-8874 or Molly, 202-718-9537, or show up at the sentencing, 101 Fillmore St. W, Preston, MN by 12:30 tomorrow.

If you cannot make it on short notice, but you know someone in the area who can, please forward this message to that person or those persons.

I will be writing a follow-up post about the outcome of this case.


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