Paul Furlong

Country Living

David and I are enjoying living in the country. Our son, Paul, traveled from Vermont to celebrate our new home and our birthdays with us. It was the first time he came to see us in Virginia. We so enjoyed his visit. He was a tremendous help with the preparations and cleanup for the housewarming party we had, and we …

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A Cultural Heritage

Several blog posts ago, I mentioned our sons, Paul and Tim, which prompted these questions from Pamela: Question, you don’t mention your sons all that often and I assume its to protect their privacy, but I am wondering how they feel about your move? Also, while I am on the subject I have often wondered how they feel about their …

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Healing Thoughts

Our older son, Paul's best friend is named Ben. They have known one another since they were in Kindergarten. Ben became like a third son to David and me, and Paul became a second son to Ben's parents. Growing up, Paul and Ben were inseparable. Ben and Paul were names that just slid off our tongues. Paul loves to travel, …

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