Changing of the Seasons

Early November has been a time of transition for me, starting from the time I was twenty and left the only life I’d known to start a whole new life in Vermont. I left home for the first time on November 7, 1977. Me at twenty years old Three years later, on November 7, 1980, I left my Amish community for …

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Introduction to My Second Book, Bonnet Strings: A Memoir

I’m working on revising my manuscript for my second book as I get feedback from readers. I have a new title and introduction. Instead of naming it Wearing Amish, I am naming it Bonnet Strings: A Memoir“All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.” ~ Leo Tolstoy Between …

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Wearing Amish

Wearing Amish the day of my sister’s wedding I have been writing my book lately, and so I have been remiss in posting new material here. I am happy to report that I have finished getting this part of my story on paper. Now three people are reading it and will give me their honest thoughts about it. I will …

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On Magic Wings

Candelin Wahl with a pink dogwood in the background I am so grateful for friends. My friend, Candelin Wahl, came to visit me and stayed for two days. Our friendship goes back a long way. We met when we were going to the same church. We were twelve months pregnant between the two of us at the time. Then my …

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He Restoreth My Soul

Sunday morning David and I realized we hadn’t made any plans for the weekend because our lives have been so busy. We felt like getting away from our everyday life, so I called our long-time friends, Janel and Paul Gamm, and asked them if we could come to their Labor Day party. Janel and I met in the playground in …

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