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Memory Photos

I have no actual photos of me when I was a baby or a very young child. But I do have “Amish” photos or “memory” photos that were passed down to me from my mother. I treasure these, for they give me a snapshot in time that becomes vivid when I use my imagination. The earliest Mem snapshot is taken …

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Stories by and about Former Amish “Stars”

In a culture full of Amish novels and bogus reality television about Amish youth “breaking out,” it is often disheartening to those of us former Amish to see what “sells” in the media. Some of us have well-written stories to share with the world, yet we keep getting rejections from mainstream publishers. Meanwhile, writers of bonnet fiction have contracts for …

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Thanksgiving Memories

Before I write my post for today, I want to let those of you who read the first part of Henry Troyer’s story about his educational journey that the second part of his story has been posted to the Amish Descendent Scholarship Fund blog. It is worth the time to read this compelling story. What makes it so compelling is …

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