Country Living

David and I are enjoying living in the country. Our son, Paul, traveled from Vermont to celebrate our new home and our birthdays with us. It was the first time he came to see us in Virginia. We so enjoyed his visit. He was a tremendous help with the preparations and cleanup for the housewarming party we had, and we …

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Among My People

Well, we’ve moved. Eleven nights ago, David and I were putting our bed together for our first night in our condo in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Then the next day we began the process of settling in, one room at a time. I have to correct something I posted earlier. I was feeling so confident that we had purged enough of our …

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Flowers are Blooming!

Spring has finally arrived in all its glory in the Northeast: trees are leafing out, flowers are blooming, the temperatures are spring-like, and best of all, there is no snow in sight! Hooray, Hurrah, Hooray! Last week, our crocuses bloomed, while there was still a big, dirty pile of snow across the street in the parking lot. One day when …

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