Ten Year Anniversary, Part II

Today I  continue providing links to blog posts I wrote in previous years. You can click on the photos to enlarge them in all of the older posts.

In 2012, the PBS documentary, “The Amish” premiered on American Experience. I wrote about the symbolism I found in the film.

Symbolism in the Film “The Amish.”

I rediscovered a series of posts I wrote in 2012 that I call my “Snapshot” series. Below are links to several of those. The series starts on January 29, 2012 and chronicles my school days when I was the only Amish child in my class at the Claridon Public school.


From class picture in kindergarten.





Class picture in fourth grade

Later in the Snapshots series, I wrote the following ones about my transition years between my two worlds.

Snapshots 9: During My Four Months of Freedom

Me at twenty

Snapshots 10: Wearing Amish

Snapshots 11: A Trip to Vermont

Wearing Amish in Vermont

Snapshots 12: Wearing Amish – Again

Snapshots 13: Wearing Amish – One Last Time

Snapshots 14: More Angels Along My Way

Snapshots 15: Preparing for the Big Day

Snapshots 16: The Day I Lived a Beautiful Dream

Snapshots 17: Our Magpie Honeymoon

In future blog posts I will continue providing links to what I’ve written in the past.





Symbolism in the Film “The Amish.”
Symbolism in the Film “The Amish.”
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9 thoughts on “Ten Year Anniversary, Part II”

  1. Debbie (Jenkins) Strand

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories especially the pictures of David’s mom. She was such a lovely lady and I loved the family dinners around the table. I still have the train David and Dan made for me.

    1. Debbie, what a blast from the past to hear from you! So glad you enjoyed the photos of David’s mom. She was such a treasure, wasn’t she?

      And you still have a train… how cool! A little while ago, I was browsing at my local Good Will store and found an old Timbertoys train they made. It was pretty well used. It made David feel so good to know it had been played with.

      I would love to catch up with you sometime. Thank you for checking in!

  2. I loved taking this pictorial trip. How young you both were and how brave you were Saloma. One thing I noticed more than anything else in all these photos is that wonderful, to the soul smile of yours. David was also brave, marring so young to someone who left one world to live with him in a completely different one. Still married after all these years is a testimony to the fact that it was meant to be.

    1. Thank you, Pamela, for your kind words. We’ve certainly had our struggles, but I do believe our relationship was meant to be. I am grateful for David being a constant in my adult life.

  3. Hi there! Just catching up on blog reading a few months behind your post. The first link (Symbolism in the Film “The Amish”) isn’t working. Can you check that one? Thanks!

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