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Ten Year Anniversary, Part II

Today I  continue providing links to blog posts I wrote in previous years. You can click on the photos to enlarge them in all of the older posts.

In 2012, the PBS documentary, “The Amish” premiered on American Experience. I wrote about the symbolism I found in the film.

Symbolism in the Film “The Amish.”

I rediscovered a series of posts I wrote in 2012 that I call my “Snapshot” series. Below are links to several of those. The series starts on January 29, 2012 and chronicles my school days when I was the only Amish child in my class at the Claridon Public school.

From class picture in kindergarten.

Class picture in fourth grade

Later in the Snapshots series, I wrote the following ones about my transition years between my two worlds.

Snapshots 9: During My Four Months of Freedom

Me at twenty

Snapshots 10: Wearing Amish

Snapshots 11: A Trip to Vermont

Wearing Amish in Vermont

Snapshots 12: Wearing Amish – Again

Snapshots 13: Wearing Amish – One Last Time

Snapshots 14: More Angels Along My Way

Snapshots 15: Preparing for the Big Day

Snapshots 16: The Day I Lived a Beautiful Dream

Snapshots 17: Our Magpie Honeymoon

In future blog posts I will continue providing links to what I’ve written in the past.





Symbolism in the Film “The Amish.”
Symbolism in the Film “The Amish.”

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